Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cerita Pengalaman Cinta

I'll tell you a few points I've ever experienced and this is a great joke for the prestigious private.
Nothing unusual, unique or important, just that it will be an inspiration and my work style. I want to share this point are four:
1.     Anyone who can lie and hide your feelings?
Saying that does not correspond to reality but it is usual practice that will be read by some outward motion. An example is, one might say is not jealous in front of audiences, but jealousy is very visible through the behavior exhibited by a person. To be honest I also feel it, but most of us do not approve of, so I am grateful for this separation.
2.    Who knows?, Although he was tried and deemed suitable, was not yet sure is mate!
This is an experience! Indeed the relationship that was built several years with sincerity and mutual understanding in terms of building a human being does not always match the two met in a fabric that is more serious. The important thing to consider is a matter of destiny. Besides, it is a balance of flavor and a binding ratio of the fabric and the blessing of family and community will be a guarantee for a family bond. But that's not enough. Maybe it's beyond reason!
3.    Assume everything is fine when I saw it in a state of fine and indeed it is a fact though that they suspect are not on the real side. That's because some of them engineered so as not to aggravate the negative effect of the atmosphere.
If you get an embarrassing incident, either because of embarrassment or because of an error so that we become ashamed of it is done is to improve the situation with ethical considerations. If we are confronted in a state of bitterness, of course, some of us do not want others to know that our bitter experience so many things hidden from things that actually happened. To not make things worse and not exaggerated by people, one of which is to assume everything is fine with no problems while improving the situation poorly.

nalombaka mantan pacarku Nikah
hehehe, selamat untuknya dan saya segera akan menyusul

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